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    Anyone else having problems hiring or promoting people under the new enforcement policy of the DOD certification program. I was just at FRI and at the DOD conference they mentioned a few higher level jobs going begging due to shortage of FO3 & 4 qualified applicants. I heard of a Driver job being rejected again for certs, but am wondering if this is a wide spread problem or just those who thought that this program that has been on hold for the past few years was going to just go away? Comments?

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    FirescueBob Guest


    I can't speak for the hiring process, but I can and will comment on the actual accumulation of these certifications. So far things are extremely difficult in the management/training/poor-lil-ol-me relations, Management feels that they are not required to be bothered, training is required, and I don't have a clue.... sound vaguely familiar?

    My last station had the attitude of you will comply and participate - BUT we don't have any of the reference materials, physical props for the performance areas, and or a training officer(real-not assigned). Lots of luck.

    My current station feels that we can obtain our training thru the local community college and call it good - even though there is blessedly few of the courses we need available.

    I do know that you cannot transfer to the Air Force Depts. without the training. And we are currently without a Chief because of this but as far as promotions go I haven't heard anything regarding that here (mushroomitis).

    What is a firefighter to do? Let me know if you get a good handle on this because I sure don't get it.

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    Yea its a big problem in the west the only people on board with it is the Air Force. San Diego Fed Fire the largest consolidted fed fire group with 350 ff still not on board. The Marines are scrambling with the Army as well. But I still hear rumors of people getting promoted with out certs because the depts are not on line. I also heard that some bases have as long as 2years to comply with DOD.

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    NCFiremedic Guest


    Do I know you? It sounds like you and I might be working on the same base. It's not like FL is it!!!!
    I think the G.O.B is alive and well in the Fed system.

    (Good Ole Boy)

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    FirescueBob Guest


    Yes NCFireMedic you do work with me - long live "A"shift! - and YES the G.O.B. net is still in place.

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