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    Question New yearly agility test?

    Has any of the DOD guys heard of or implemented an agility test? Our A/C just came back from a Chiefs conference and had a paper on this, goes something like this:

    In full turnout gear with SCBA all firefighters shall complete the following within 8 minutes:
    1. Carry a rolled 50' section of 2.5 or 3' hose 100'
    2. Carry a 12-14' roof ladder 50'
    3. Climb a 24' extension ladder (10 rungs) 3 times
    4. Drag 100' 1.5 or 1 3/4' charged line 100'
    5. Climb a 28' extension ladder (10 rungs) 2 times
    6. Move a 225-LB tire 12" with a 10lb sledgehammer
    7. Drag a 150lb mannequin 100'
    8. Drag 100' of 5" hose 100'
    This was from memory so the events are probably in a different order. Just wondering if anyone is using this system.

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    Saw a message on this a few monbths ago with the reccomendation for the program. Asked some questions at DOD IChiefs but no answers were forthcoming in the USN section meetings. We heard something like the plan you posted and that you had to pass two out of every three years or be listed as unfit to perform. I am still looking inbto it and will let you know if I hear anything else.

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    Appreciate any and all info forthcoming.

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