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    theshark Guest

    Post fire capt

    if the qualification for fire capt under the DOD cert program and DOD I if fire officer I and inspector I. If the capt is off for a day or 9 months for what ever reason break day, injured on the job, retired etc, etc, etc, can a firefighter act in the position?
    and will he not need to meet the same qualifications as the capt? where can I find out such info


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    HHoffman Guest


    Are you a IAFF member? If so contact the 16th VP. If you are not let me know and I will get the information for you.

    Henry C. Hoffman Jr.

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    theshark Guest


    IAFF?? no at navy med in Bethesda MD it's AFGE and I cant get info from them. Please send any info you have.

    thank you

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    chiefsammy Guest


    There are two answers to your question, I believe. 1. If you are filling in for the shift, detailed, not acting in place of. You can.
    2. If you are being temp promoted or reassigned, no, you have to meet the qualification. And depending on what grade your Capts are 7/8/9, you may have to be FO II qual

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