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    HHoffman Guest

    Smile Merry Christmas

    Just wanted to tell everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! I am off starting Christmas day and will be back on the 4th of January. I feel the pain of you that have to work. Stay safe and enjoy you friends and family.

    Henry C. Hoffman Jr.

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    Aerial 131 Guest


    I detect a slight wisp of humor in the statement "I feel the pain of you having to work." Do not go there! It hurts a lot HAHAHAHA!!! that I have to work on both sides of Christmas this year. Thanks the shift schedule I got the day off this year, have had to work it for like three years straight.

    All of you engine slugs and ladder jockeys have a GREAT HOLIDAY AND NEW YEARS, ENJOY THE FAMILY AND WATCH OUT FOR THE OTHER FF NEXT TO YOU.

    Don Zimmerman

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