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    Post federal firefighter memories

    i worked as a federal ff for a number of years before moving on to a municipal dept.i have lost contact with all my brother feds.if there are fed ff who worked during the mid 70s lets share some memories with the younger ffs does anyone remember the old 530 engines on a deuce and a half chassis, let me know.lets talk about the old times,also tell me about the changes over the last 20 years

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    I remember the 530B, 750A, 0-11's, P-2's with gas engines, protein foam in rusty red cans, and CB extinguishers. I started with the USAF in '77, military, not civil service. Was assigned to Duke Field, Eielson, and Reese AFB.

    Forgot to add Dover AFB with the USAF Reserve.

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    Mike M- US Army Fire/Rescue here, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.

    We still have a P530C here on post (was in service untill about a year ago, now at the motor pool awaiting disposal.) We used it mostly for brush fires. We also still have a home-built 1000gal tanker on a deuce and a half chassis, and it still gets used regularly.....What a monster!! YEEE HAWWW!!!! 900 and some-odd Cubic Inch Cummins, 5 speed with a 2 speed splitter....Strongarm power steering...2-60 air conditioning.....It's the BINFORD 9000 tank truck!!

    I am now in my 5th year in the federal fire service (started at US Navy FD NAWC Warminster, Pa. Then to US Navy FD Phila. Naval Shipyard...thank you BRAC now I am in the ARMY!!) BE ALL YOU CAN BE!

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    I started in USAF Crash in 1970 and we had the same vehicles, with the addition of a Cardox CO2, surprised they were all still around in 77, I thought the O-11s were replaced in the mid seventies, guess they were still some around. We also had a 1500 gal tanker (can't remember its designation) at Shemya.
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    You wouldn't believe it but the USAF has started buying OSHKOSH T1-3000's right of the shelf.. No more buying 800 of the same truck only to find out it is crap..
    We just got one here and it rides like a cadilac.

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    in regards to the 530s, we are still using one as a main pumper. It is not the first out truck unless our Amertek is broken, however that seems to happen alot.


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    Chromis that MACI was a real brain fart by the Army! We had one when I work at Ft. Indiantown Gap. I would rather walk to the scene. It had great power, but was top heavy. Man you have to love to ride the jumpseats!!! We had a 530C when I first started at MCAS Tustin, but it was only back up. Can't let everyone think we only have Wingnut Firefighter in here! LOL

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    The O-11's were still being used for training at Chanute. I don't know if any were in service at other bases. For the tanker, my license is marked "1500 gal. WD". WD is for water distributor. Check the site below for pictures.

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