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    HHoffman Guest

    Question Goodfellow AFB

    Anyone every trained at Goodfellow AFB? I will be attending the Haz Mat School soon. Need to know what the area is like.

    Henry C. Hoffman Jr.

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    parisfireops Guest

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    Hey the academy itself is outstanding and the instructors are excellent. Now for that part of Texas it can be different if you havn't been around that enviroment. I completed the Haz-Mat Tech T-t-T course about 1&1/2 ago. Good luck and keep your head in the books.

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    FFSThomas Guest


    San Angelo TX is the town outside of Goodfellow, It's small, but it's OK. As for the training, I've been through the school and it's good training, but don't count out your state/local training completely! The instructors are inexperienced and the info is very general in nature. The facility is great, the presentation needs work. If you have had alot of HazMat training at home or in a college/state you may find TTT a little insulting.

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    dmstreet Guest


    Well, quite a few years ago when I was a young Air Force SSgt stationed at GAFB, Tom Greene County, and the city of San Angelo, were both DRY, as in no alcohol sold or served anywhere. The NCO club was ok, though. Plenty of places to hunt and fish in the area. The reservoir was particularly good for catching bass. Angelo State University had a pretty decent sports program, too, if you're into spectating. Lots of great eating places, especially steak houses, in town. Enjoy your stay!

    Donald M. Street
    Volunteer Captain
    Maryland City VFD
    Anne Arundel Co. 27
    Laurel, MD

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    HHoffman Guest

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    Thanks for the information! I start class on the 21st of March.

    Henry C. Hoffman Jr.

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    FFSThomas Guest


    Yeah, I agree with dmstreet, you gotta go to Zenters daughters steak house on Nickerbocker Rd. They have the best steaks in San Angelo!

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