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    Question 7 Group to A/B Schedule

    Greetings All,

    I am seeking information on the cons of working the A/B schedule vs. the 7 Group system which we have been working and enjoy. Not to be partial I will take pros and cons of both systems if anyone has worked both of them. We were just informed that we will be going to the A/B schedule starting in March not one member on the line is in favor of this. Thanks!

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    They both have their advantages. I've worked the A/B for 23 years and enjoy it. You get used to the people you work with and there is more team work, but with team work comes plt problems. A did this, B did this, A hasn't a clue, B hasn't a clue. You get my drift. I never tried the group thing, but I would think management would prefer it. Keeps the troops divided, like I said with the A/B systems it building strong ties and a united work force at time. Good luck on whatever happens, it will all work itself out in the wash.

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    I agree with chiefsammy- I have worked both the A/B plt schedule, and currently work the 7 group schedule- FAR BETTER in terms of mixing up the people you work with. With the A/B plt thing, the saying "f*ck it, let them do it tomorrow" becomes a very common saying. You are still working with some of the same people, but there is a mix every shift or so. The only thing I like about the A/B system is some of the days off/kelly days are better than the 7 group system.

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    I have worked with many people that have worked both. 90% of them like the 7 group over A/B. With A/B your always on long week. Also with 7 group its more of a whole dept. A/B makes it the A dept and the B dept. I spent some time at the point in the late 70's. Tell Clint Keith said hello.

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    someone explain the group 7 schedule to me, i work at an army base and every time a change to the schedule comes up they tell us there is no option, but you are right about the A/B thing, it is like 2 departments.

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    I work in a small department, only 13 on including the chief and we have a new schedule we are on a trial basis. we used to work the a/b, but we didn't have any kelly days, so now are new schedule goes like this.
    48 hours on, 48 off, 48 on, 72 off, 48 on, 72 off. our old schedule everyone worked every weekend, either saturday or sunday and some friday/sunday. we all worked a set schedule. now we all have every other weekend off, either thursday/friday/sat. or saturday/sunday/monday or sat/sunday. we also always have at least two days off at a time and obviously three days too. so far all but a couple of people like it. the 48's on do tend to suck, but the extra time off more than makes up for it. we are also a slow department, so i don't know how this would work for a larger/busier dept. just thought i would throw another option out there for you. stay safe all.


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    Red face

    I'm with AK... Could someone explain the group thing? We work "A" The power shift and "B" the dont do a damn thing shift. We really like it. You get some really good friends out of it. BNAS Crash/Structural

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