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    Question Federal Funding for truck purchase?

    I am part of a volunteer dept. We have a park with alot of wood in the local that is federally owned. I reside is south eastern Pennsylvania. Is anyone familiar with grants from the federal gov. that would buy a grassland rig to fight any field fires in the Federally owned land? Or maybe the Federal Govet. supllies rigs to depts. for the purpose of protecting the land? Any and all help is greatly appriciated.

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    Who protects the area now? If it is you guys, try the organization that maintains the area. Most gov agencies have fire protection services: BLM,US Park Service,USFS or the State may do it for the fed. Good Luck


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    You might try the Federal Surplus property program. In PA it is run out of Harrisburg and your local State Representative should be able to put you in contact with them. They give excess federal property to locals and we got a dodge six-pack a few years ago that we use for forestry work from them.
    Elsewise, depending on the size of the property you are talking about, you are not going to get anything from the Fed for a property you are already protecting for free in this period of downsizing. But it dosn't hurt to ask either GSA or whoever maintains the facility.

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