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Thread: IAFF vs. AFGE

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    Good question Crashman. We have the same problem here. Does anyone have any answers to these problems that some of us bases are having?

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    James Miller
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    My department is in the process of joining the IAFF. We have a 100% to join among the fire suppression personnel, but a few of our Captains had some concerns. Can anyone who belongs give some pros and cons of the IAFF concerning the Federal Service? Has it done anything for your department? Can it help getting more personnel, Ect....?
    Thanks for any apply.

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    I was in AFGE over 13 years ago and they
    didn't do much for f/f's then.
    I feel the IAFF is the best you can get
    they at least can stick to fire department
    issues and not have to deal with every other
    ocupation.. It is hard to help the Fed Fire
    fighters because we can't bargin our pay,
    bennys,hr's,ect. Have to go through Congress
    which takes a long time,plus you have to line there pockets with $$$ to get them to
    help you.Plus in DOD you have ARMY,NAVY AIR FORCE,MARINES, to deal with & ect have their
    own set of rules& guidelines..
    The IAFF trys there best ,its just a long process..

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    I would like to post a reply to the question of which union is better, IAFF or AFGE.

    All unions have their pros and cons and I could go on about them for IAFF and AFGE but I won’t, because, any union is only as good as its members.

    If you don’t get active in your union then you can’t change anything and if nothing changes then we are no better off and we still complain.

    No, unions cannot change everything that is wrong with the Federal Fire Service but over the years it has made a lot of changes for the better. Not any one union, but all the unions and theirs members working together have made the Federal Fire Service a better place to work.

    If there is something in your union that you don’t like then get involve and help us help you. Six years ago I did that, I got involved in my union and today I am a Chief Steward.

    I have lost some battles, won some and have been disappointed in the outcome of others. But I keep striving to do the best I can.

    As Chief Steward I helped negotiate for one of my bargaining unit members, not a union member mind you, who was facing possible termination down to just a letter of reprimand, not what I wanted for him but a lot better then if I had just let management do what they wanted.

    So don’t sit back and complain about your union, get involved, you can make a difference.

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    As for switching Unions, both the IAFF and AFGE belong to the AFL-CIO which has by-laws that prevent "raiding" another AFL-CIO affiliate. We get calls all the time from various firefighters that are not represented by the IAFF and want to be, but there is nothing we can do for them. I think that the proceedure for changing exclusive representation must include being WITHOUT representation for a year. At that time, you can petition the Dept. of Labor for representation from the IAFF. It is not an easy task and is filled with dangers, which is why it isn't done.

    I believe the IAFF is the best Union for firefighters anywhere but I am rather biased . AFGE has some very good and hard working representatives for the fire service and we do work together on our issues. Base your opinions on what you have experienced personally without lumping the entire organization into that perception. We are a small group (fed fire fighters) and don't need any more division. I can't agree more with FedFirefighter, Get involved with whoever your Union is and make positive changes from the inside!

    Roy Colbrunn (Tank)
    IAFF Local F-88 Sec/Treas

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