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    Question Are you EMT'S,If running an Ambulance??

    Need info from DOD Departments..
    My department might take over post ambulance
    duties 4pm -0800 weekdays,24hrs weekends&
    holidays... At present we only respond
    eng.co.as First Responders..
    We are trying to find out if we need to be
    EMT'S or can stay First Responder if we
    take on the ambulance duties..
    Some say we go by state of N.J. law-
    which allows First Responders to run
    ambl.if they are part of a fire co. And
    EMT if not part of a FireCo.
    (Doesn't make sense to me -what the difference is if you run ambl.out of a
    Fire co. or a first aid squad in a seperate
    org.. ??) We are trying to get answers
    from DOD Regs.. EcT. Any info on this
    is needed.. Thanks...We would be transporting
    patients to local hospitial..At present ambl.
    comes out of post clinic w/2 -Emts mon-fir
    0730 -1600.. All other times a vol. first aid
    squad comes in for ems &transport..
    Problem is the waitting time for BLS Ambl.
    from the vol. is long a lot now due to shortage of manpower .

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    Would you be transporting patients, or would you just first respond and have an outside squad come in and transport?


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    We run a BLS ambulance out of our station 24 hours a day. At this time all new members have to be an EMT. We have some older members that are not EMTs. We run out with three members on the rig. 2 - EMTs and 1 - driver.

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    We run an ambulance with either 2 - EMT's or an EMT and a driver. Do you have a hospital on post that you will be transporting too? Check with your state or regional protocols.

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    Here in So.CA we run an EMT-defib ambulance out of each station 24/7. My opinion is that if your department can provide EMT-B care to it's customers, it should do so. Defalt to the highest level of care and you can't go wrong. Please note that we got no additional man-power for taking the ambulances from the dispencery (clinic), we run 4-four man engines (two at each station), one engine covers the ambulance with the 2 FF's from the jump seats and the engine follows to the call and sometime all the way to the off base hospital.


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    Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md. runs 4 Paramedic ambulances (2 minimum, 4 when staffing allows) all non critical military pt's get transported to Kirk Army Health Clinic. Critical pt's ge transported to Harford Memorial Hospital or Upper Chesapeake Hospital. Trauma pt's usually get flown to Shock Trauma in Baltimore, courtesy of the Md State Police aviation unit.

    Paramedics here are GS-8's. Ambulances are manned by either two medics or one GS-6 EMT and a GS-8 medic. They are NOT 0081's, therefore do not engage in firefighting. 0081 firedighter/emt's can be used to make up crews as a driver for the units when necessary, however.

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