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    Thumbs up Tell me about your federal truck company

    It seems like alot of you out there are running fully staffed truck companies (especially you east coast depts, lucky dogs!
    Out here in Barstow CA USMC Base we only have a telesquirt (staffed with 4) that we operate as a truck company on fires.
    So indulge me a little and let me drool over YOUR truck companies. Tell me about your rigs: brand, specs, staffing, types of runs it responds to, officer rank in charge of it, FF or Engineer driving?, Tiller?, everything! Thanks guys!!


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    US Army Fire Department, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md. runs two identical 1991 Pierce Arrow 100' rearmounts with 1000gpm pumps, 300 gal of water and 30 gal. of 6% AFFF. The Truck that runs at (what used to be known as Edgewood Arsenal) Edgewood area has a minor assortment of hurst tools and cribbing, as they also run extrications off post. The Truck at the Aberdeen area has a full complement of truck tools, salvage & oh, etc. My only gripe with them is there is only 81' of ground ladders- due to space. Maybe if that damn waste of compartment space werent on board (you know the one- the one that has all the valves, disharges, gauges, .....) we could have a real complement of ladders!!

    Happy Trucking!!!

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    I wish we had a full truck company. Up here everyone is running under staffed and under equipped. For on post calls, we have 1-3 people responding on the truck. It is an 1982 Thiebault (company has gone under), 1000GPM pump, 300 gallon tank, two 1 3/4" preconnects and 1000' of 3" supply line, 85' rear mount, straight stick. It has extrication tools and air bags on board, 4 air packs and 8 spare bottles. Very few other truck company tools, one K-12 saw, axes, haligans, etc. very few tarps. Our truck is generally our mutual aid piece and goes with a crew of three. It is pretty slim pickens up here. On top of that we aren't due to get our truck replaced for some time even though we can't get parts for it. Stay safe!

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