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    Question Duties unique to your base/department

    We preform monthly, quarterly and annual sprinkler system tests and inspection. I want to know if you guys are doing any "unusual" duties to help justify your existance or to help the base.


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    Firefighters at Aberdeen Proving Ground perform many tasks common to everyday fire department operations- sprinkler inspections and maintenance, building inspections, alarm system inspections and testing, as well as the other stuff- apparatus maintenace, blah blah blah. But what we get that is unusual are all the mission support standby's- we get paid to watch things BLOW UP, (!!!!!) and then extinguish any resulting brush fires or other types of fires. Additionally, we also have to stand by while the Army's Tech Escort unit and/or Emergency Ordinance Disposal handles any UXO (unexploded ordinance) incidents- people here are CONSTANTLY finding shells, mines, rockets, missles and mortars dating as far back as WWI. They also find captured foreign ordinance from WWI, WWII and vietnam and Korea that the Army performed tests on.

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    Prescribed burning of our many thousands of acres of training area is done by the FD. Sometimes, the grass fires get so large they show up on the TV stations Doppler Radar. What's even more exciting is when a unit is camped out in the area (WITHOUT permission from range control) and we start the control burn. Makes for an interesting day.

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