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    Talking pay reform the chinese overtime thingy

    Brother federal firefighters,i left federal sevice over 16 years ago,and remember the overtime calculation were two thirds of one half for the overtime that we worked and the same rate for any over overtime that we worked.i remember being stuck in the firehouse for days on mandatory overtime.i remember a lawsuit that we won over the rate overtime was calculated.and we did receive some monies from that lawsuit.so can anyone tell me how OT is calculated now. thanks mike m

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    Brother Mike:

    The new OT pay for Federal Firefighters is really simple. They actually pay you true time-and-a-half after 53 hours, working one off and then one on with a RDO or Kelly day,
    for a total of 144 hours a pay period.

    As I indicated on my post, the problem now is that they lowered our hourly wage before they made that change! Our hourly wage is LESS than another equel Federal worker. A starting GS-04 Firefighter makes $7.92 an hour. A starting GS-04 Clerk makes $11 something!
    Thats fine if you live in the deep South, but not anywhere else in the country...

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