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    Cool Total runs for 2000

    We finished the year with around 340 runs, mostly alarms and medicals all on base. Just curious what some of your run totals where for 2000.

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    MCAS Cherry Point ran a little over 1300 calls. Mostly EMS but a few litle fires on base and a couple out in town.
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    Salt Lake County Fire,(Utah), ran about 25,000 total runs. Approx. 5,000 strucutre fires, notifiers etc and about 20.000 EMS calls. The numbers keep getting bigger every year.

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    Macdill AFB had aprox. 1100 runs. Smells and bells and medical runs. A few haz-mat thrown in for good measure. Ave 3 runs a shift which isnt bad. Just enough to stay busy.

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