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    Cool Live Fire Training

    What do you do for live fire training? We do not have a burn building on base. We are talking about using the one a the local training center. We would have to take one crew at a time. So if we don't get mutual aid companies to go with us the training will be limited. Let me know how you handle this.

    Henry C. Hoffman Jr.

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    Here at USCG Petaluma Training Center Fire Department. Twice a year we are starting in September to bring in a flash simulator trailer run by two Captains from L.A. County & Orange County Fire. Our department sent people through it a couple of weeks ago (including me) and it gets as real as possible without a actual building. You can do knock down of the fire with different setting to control the fire. Climb to the roof and do Ventilation operations, or practice survival training with your SCBA in a smoke filled room.

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    When I was in the Air Force as a firefighter at Nellis AFB in LV,NV we had the same problem. We had a drill tower but no burning allowed in it, we took as many guys and rigs as we could spare at a time and used the Clark County NV burn tower. They never drilled with us while we were there but we tried to make the best of it.
    Now, here in Barstow WE have the training facility that all the other agencies come and use! We have a 3 story burn tower, with a half pitched roof and mulitple interior rooms. We also have three seperate "conex" type trainers for flashover, entry & attack and search. All of them have propane flame control. We also have an propane,aircraft trainer. All this on a large cement pad with hydrants! Lucky-or-what! Good luck HH


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    At Fort Bragg we are fortunate enough to have plenty of old buildings to burn for training. We just burned one on Thursday and have two more in the near future. We also have a structural trainer (propane fed) that we share with the Air Force, but the guys prefer real buildings.

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