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    Thumbs up Thermal Imaging Cameras

    The Air Force has FINALLY added thermal imgaging cameras to their TA. It's a Bullard product but I'm not sure which model. Any Fed. Depts. using one now? WHat do you think about the model you have?


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    We have three TIC's. 1 Argus and 2 MSA 4000's. The 4000's are a world better then the Argus. We have 1 on the Rescue, 1 on the Engine, and 1 on the Truck. Any type you get will be better then none. All I can say is train with the unit that you get.

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    We have one on our "wish" list. Right after us wishing the dept will get us glasses to fit our airpacks.

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    We have 2 MSA'S on the engines. At Ft. Drum

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    Thumbs up

    At Fort Campbell Army Post we use a Bullard Thermal Camera. It worked great for us until two weeks ago at a structure fire. It only worked intermittently & then would not work after being exposed to high heat conditions & water/steam. We sent it back to Bullard who replaced the parts that failed within 48 hours. It is a good product & allows the IC to view the image from a remote TV/VCR receiver.

    Previously we had a FireFlir that was a helmet mounted unit. I found that unit cumbersome.

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    Have got a Bullard Ti on my ladder truck. We run as a truck company and the camera is our best friend. Problems have been non-exsistant. The important thing is that Federal lads recognise that the cameras will help us ensure that we bring these younger untrained kids out of the few fires on post and the mutual aid calls we go on. Just because fire is rare on military installations don't mean it won't play the devil with you when it does come. And think of what service you can be to the local community if you know your stuff with that camera!

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