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    Post NorthEast regionalization (Union consolidation)

    Anyone in the know have info on the rumor of the Navy seeking to consolidate it's NorEast bases to one fed fire union?

    Just the facts ma'am.

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    Under the Executive Order allowing I&I bargaining the Navy or any other brach has to talk with the National Bargaining units before consolidation. The National Bargaining Unions must concurr before anything can happen like this. There were consolidation talks in the PA, NJ area years ago and this process was followed.
    So check with the locals and if they don't know contact the National to see if they have been approached. Doesn't sould feasible, but stranger things have happened.
    Herb King

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    From the rumor on the floor, the Navy is negotiating with the Nationals. Again rumor, there is supposed to be a July meeting to start the ball rolling.
    I am not certain of the current status, and was hoping to solicit info from anyone who may know firsthand what's happening.
    Thanks for the input, Herb.
    Anyone have info?

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    We had a group of Navy Officials stop here and we had to put on the "Extra Special Dog and Pony Show". We were told that we needed to show them that there are things we can do that other Dept's can't. Special tools at our disposal, etc, etc. Not exactly sure what came with it though. It came at the same time they are looking to have NAVAIR take command of our installation.

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