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    James Miller Guest

    Angry Closing Bases

    There is a rumor that all bases in the SF Bay Area are in the talks of closing. Does anyone know if that rumor is true? Cannot get a straight answer. Any info would be appreciated.

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    HHoffman Guest


    I didn't hear anything out here on the east coast. I think they would have to have a BRACC or show that the mission was no longer needed. Let us know if we can help in any way!!

    Henry C. Hoffman Jr.

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    NTCFD_Lieut Guest


    Not heard anything specific on the SF area, although I know that here in Utah there is some (really early and preliminary) talk about consolidating a couple of the bases once the Chemical incineration mission has been completed.

    I'll keep my ears open though..

    James Tarpley
    Tooele Army depot FD

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    This is the short answer to the concerns on potential Base Closings.

    At this time, our dear Secretary of Defense is getting ready to propose another round(s) of Base Closings... commonly called BRAC.

    However, this must still go through the Congressional routine and be passed into Law.

    Will it happen? No one really knows....

    Originally there was a better chance of it this year than some of the past, however with the changes in the Senate, it will be interesting. Still, there is a good possibility of something happening during this Term.

    I know that all Federal Unions are keeping a watchfull eye on it, and are getting their game plans ready to either stop it, or at least limit it as much as possible.

    Watch or subscribe to some of the Federal Publications for more info.

    Joe Love
    IAFF F-61
    Navy Yard Philly

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