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    Cool MDA

    I was just at the MDA 4th Dist. meeting. It is great to see that things are looking good on the medical side. I did not see any other federal members at the meeting. I hope that others are working to help MDA.

    As federal firefighters are you allowed to do fill the boot on base? We are told that we can't by base legal. We hold a golf tornament and New Years Raffle every year, but are always looking for other ideas. What events do you use? Contact your local MDA office to get information if you are not working with them now. Contact me if you would like more information on how we do things.

    Henry C. Hoffman Jr.

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    we have been told that any kind of money we raise, has to go to the entire base budget. in turn, we never see any of it, so we don't do anything. does anyone know of any way around that? not sure if there is any, but definately would appreciate any help. stay safe out there.

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    We, too had problems with Post Legal. We were told that we were not allowed to do any sort of fill-the-boot activities on post, and if we did it off post, we could not use the name of our Base in advertising. (A certain Army Base North of Baltimore who's initials are APG)Only that of IAFF Local F-267. We chose not to do any of these, we contracted with a local caterer, and rented a volunteer fire station's hall and we are having a crab feast; all proceeds are going to the MD. Anyone in the area of Baltimore, Md on August 3, and would like to attend, I believe (Don't quote me....) the tix are 30.00 per person, and this includes steamed crabs, pit beef, burgers, hot dogs, salads, breads, and much more. E-mail me if you are interested.

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