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    Default 57 age limit approved

    Just happen to see that the Senate Government Affairs Committee this week approved legislation raising the mandatory retirement age from 55 to 57. the bill doesnt impact the ability to retire at 50. It is expected to recieve final approval shortly.

    Looks like some of those old dinosaurs will be sticking around a little longer

    Stay safe,

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    In my opinion, and experience there are definitley two sides to the age limit issue. When I was an Air Force firefighter at Eglin AFB, Florida we had quite a few Civil Service firefighters that were military retirees and in their mid 50's to late 60's. One in paticular, every time he climbed in and out of the engine's cab I thought he was going to have a heart attack. Another, in his early sixties could outwork us all in the wieght room and on the treadmill. He was in tremendous shape.a lot better physical shape then I ever could hope to be!
    And I am not looking at this issue from the stand point that since I was 37 when I retired from the Air Force I could not apply for a Civil Service firefighter job like the "Old Timers" did.
    Is the age limit a fair standard? I'm not sure-would fitness standards(enforced fitness standards) be a better judge? Not just the old guys were out of shape-a lot of the younger "civilians" as well as the G.I. firefighters did not meet fitness standards - myself included at times.
    Course I always thought age discrimination was against the law-except where the federal government was concerned (only kidding)!

    Jeff T.
    U.S.Air Force Retired

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    IF the bill gets put into effect, it will be nice for some to be able to 'round out' their careers to a nice even figure--like 25 years, or perhaps 30 years. I know it will affect me that way. Still, will be nice to be able to go once the minimums are reached.

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    Here is the word we recieved through Casey Judd, California Professional Firefighters and former President of the McClellan AFB IAFF affiliate. He is an excellant lobbist for firefighter issues and explains very well what this issue really does.

    For those of you interested, s. 271, the Senate version of H.R. 93 which
    would increase the maximum retirement age for federal firefighters from 55 to
    57 is scheduled to be "marked up" by either the Senate Gov't Affairs
    Committee or it's subcommittee on International Security, Proliferation &
    Federal Services this Thursday August 2nd.

    This means the bill will be moved out of committee and can be passed on
    unanimous consent on the floor perhaps prior to the August recess or shortly
    thereafter. Remember, this bill ONLY provides an opportunity for those
    federal firefighters who want to work an extra two years to increase their
    "high three." The original intent was to increase the maximum age to be
    commensurate with that of federal law enforcement officers. No one is
    required to work until 57. You may still retire at 50 under CSRS and FERS
    provisions as you can now, or at 55.

    From the mouth of the House author Elton Gallegly and Senate author Sen
    Feinstein to me is that there is no intent on the part of this bill to
    increase the entry age to 37. It's just a way to bring things up to par with
    the cops and to allow those "nuts" who want to hang around another two years
    to do so. If you have any questions let me know.

    Hope all is well.

    Roy Colbrunn (Tank)
    IAFF Local F-88 Sec/Treas

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    President Bush signed the Federal Fire Fighter Retirement Legislation on 20 August 2001.

    This Bill (HR93) Raises the mandatory retirement of Federal Fire Fighters from 55 to 57. Additionally, there is no penalty for fire fighters who retire at 55, rather than the new mandatory age of 57.

    Finally, contrary to the indication of some internet reports, the maximum hiring age has "NOT" been raised. It is still 35.

    VP Davila will have further info. on this as soon as the IAFF Legislative Dept. receives official confirmation, probably early next week.

    Joe Love
    IAFF F-61
    Navy Yard, Philly

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