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Thread: DOD Certs.

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    Smile DOD Certs.

    Just wanted to check on how everyone is doing on the certs. We are just starting Fire Inspector III, so far all the training has been good. Our base is offering all the levels one time on base. MFRI or HACC a local school has conducted all the training.

    With another round of BRACC over our heads, I am taking all the training I can get. <img src="rolleyes.gif" border="0">
    Henry C. Hoffman Jr.

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    I see a lot of guys here taking the CDC course, and playing with the certest program 5-6 times until they get all the questions right, then go take the REAL test and pass it - without once cracking open the CDC coursework. Big difference between being "certified" and "qualified".

    Say, your base let other guys attend your training?

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    we also get alot of MFRI classes. CDC`s are always an option for us. as for people taking the practice tests until they get it right then take the real test, just to be certified. i personally haven`t seen it, but when the civilians get promoted, all they care about is how many certs they have, since nobody,unless the volunteer somewhere, has much real experience to prove if they are qualified or not.

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    The DoD is definitely full of paper tigers produced by the current CDC system. The thing that really gets me is when classes by FEMA and the National Fire Academy are not even recognized as having any sort of merit. FEMA is after all a fellow US Government agency and you would think it would all be recognized. I have seen guys who have very limited experience and every paper certification in the world be promoted over guys with much higher and harder to get state certifications (in some cases)and many years of experience with both military and civilian departments.

    The bottom line seems to be that the CDC system will not be changed any time soon and we all must live with it and meet the DoD cert requirements to be promoted, however backwards the system may be. I just feel sorry for the poor sucker who may be killed or injured due to someone's inexperience.

    That's my two-cents for what it's worth.
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    I would have to say being able to take tests over and over is a function of lack of supervision over the CDC program by the training officer. He or she should be the one to police that crap, because all that does is take away from the credibility those of US who EARN our CDC's have. In the civilian world they don't hold much weight anyway, why sabotage what little they do by allowing people to cheat?<br />Sincerely,<br />The Idealist

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    In my humble opinion, the contractor providers are little more than diploma mills and the CDCs are matchbox correspondence courses. Goodfellow AFB is a true school where you ACTUALLY perform the required competencies. I have certs from all three so I am speaking from experience. As for the CDCs, would you go to a doctor that took a correspondence course to get his degree? Someone once termed all the certifications hanging around an office as artificial intelligence. They were correct at my base. Some of the most certified are the least qualified candidates. We won't even go into the grandfathering issues. Just my personal opinion. <img src="tongue.gif" border="0">

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