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    Paul33 Guest

    Default great photo

    If you want to see a photo of a pine plantation fire from Australia go to and check out the front page

    ICQ :16444970

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    Unbelievable volume of fire. It looks like those trees were pretreated with gasoline!

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    iwood51 Guest


    Unable to access this site. Parent sit does not list a kate03.

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    Dalmation90 Guest


    That would be what we call a 63,72,71,52 fire.

    (Translation from our radio codes: On scene, working fire,I'm going home now, turning my radio off, and pretending this was just a bad dream)


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    iwood51 Guest


    Must have been browser problems yesterday.
    Awesome picture, haven't seen fire that size since 1995 (Long Island, NY wildfires) Every department in Suffolk and Nassau counties, plus various NYC companies responded (I believe the total count was 110 agencies).

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    iwood51 Guest


    Just to clarify on my above post, I was going through a scrap book yesterday and it was 178 departments and approx 2000 firefighters

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