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    Default New Tool Ideas

    My Dept has delveloped some new ideas for tools for use on wildland/mountain fires. One is the use of gas powered backpack leaf blowers- does a terrific job in leaf and pine type material. Second is gas powered weed wackers with metal blades, does terrific job in laurl and brush.

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    The leaf blower is a definite advantage to combatting ground fuel fires. Our department purchased on some time ago and it has been a very useful tool. It really speeds up the process and cuts down on time, especially when your manpower is limited.

    I think I may suggest some sort of brush cutter, such as a weedeater with a metal blade. We had a field fire recently that was located right in the middle of every briar bush in Western Kentucky. I would have given anything to clear out a couple of acres of briars.


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