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    here in oregon we operate some of the nations best crews and we are ready to help but the politics of recieving crews is ridicoulous armnet is now up and running and can eliminate the red tape so as to speed up the response of crews and equipment i hope all fire managers pay attention to this because we here in the private fire sector are ready we respond in the west why not the rest of the country?is it because no one knows we exist well here we are use us there should never be a man power shortage like last year in florida the politics of delaying crews was a political mistake and should not be repeated


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    Well Fyr, I work in Florida, Polk County. The central part of the State. We are now under a State of Emergency, For Brush fires. We have changed our Brush fire 1st responce, from 1 brush unit, 1 engine, to 2 brush units, 1 engine and 1 tanker. There is a no burning ban in the state. I believe that the Brush fires that we had last year, gave everyone valuable insite as what is available, when FEMA is asked for assistance.

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    Yes, we just need to get FEMA to listen to us the firefighters more and less to the politicans.
    On all brush fires here my tanker goes on automatic stand-by if needed it goes. We have one of the only takers in the area. 5000gl with 1250 pump. Have water will go.
    Stay safe!

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