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    Is anybody out there that's interested in this forum? We've not had much interest and no postings for quite awhile. Maybe you are all busy fighting wildland and SWI fires?



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    Phil Daniels
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    Yeah, I'm interested...

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    Me To!

    By the look of it you guys are very busy at the moment. We are getting news reports about the present set of heat waves that are going through the US and Europe. Australia is having a wet winter along the coastal areas in the east but inland is staying dry. There was flooding in the inland areas 12 months ago and they are now reporting som,e good growth in the tablelands and floodplains that will eventually die off and become a stubourn fuel later in the year.
    Keep the wind at your back!



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    Don't worry...just because we're not writing, doesn't mean we're not listening. Fire wx in NJ has deteriorated to ludricrously dry levels, KDBI's around 600, PDI around 700. Keeping us pretty busy. Seems we apprehended a serial arsonist a couple of days ago, so that may help. Send rain!

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    Yes, I'm still interested. I may not post much but read latest posts daily. Please stay here and active. This is a very good source of information. Its very interesting to see how people from different geographic regions, paid, volunteer respond to each challenge posted. Thanks for providing the forum!

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    Captain Hickman
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    Thumbs up

    Still alive and watching in Missouri. Just HOT and Dry, but no fires. Would love to go west again....just call me....got three more weeks of vacation, Starting the 6th of August.

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    Thanks for all of the replies! I'm told that for every singular reply there are scores of readers and interested parties that don't reply. I often wonder how many FFs are reading my STRUCTURAL WILDLAND INTERZONE column, if the information helps and if they like the column. The few comments that I do receive are always positive in nature, though.

    It is hot and dry in many areas of the country, but the fires are not happening, unless it is in the western U.S. The preparedness level at the National Ineragency Fire Center's Dispatch is at and has been at LEVEL 2 for the entire summer. That's an indicator of a slow fire season. If we go into the fall and it stays this dry, there could/should be some significant fires.

    Take care, everyone!



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    K A
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    --there could/should be some significant fires.

    That is true every year.

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    P Bishop
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    I agree with cbp3, just because we don't write doesn't mean we aren't reading. Summer seems to be a busy time to be on the internet very often. It's hot and dry in Southern Idaho but not to may fires, yet. The potential is sure there. Everyone please be safe and keep your head up.

    P. Bishop

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    Hey Bro'

    I'm out here, I think the main reason this doesn't get much action is how much does wildland firefighting change? When was the last time we got new turnouts? We are still wearing the old yellow and green nomex and hardhats. We still use the same tactics that we were 20 years ago. We don't have the 1 3/4 vs 2 or 2 1/2 inch debates, we don't (usually) have the staffing problems (3 person or 4 person engine companies, OK I know a wildland rig only has 3 or 4 people, but you know what I mean)or the 2 in 2 out rule. When was the last time somebody improved a shovel or the good old pulaski?
    How many different types of nozzles do we have? When was the last time you had to vent a burning tree?
    What I am trying to say is maybe we have it easier? Not in fighting fires, no it's still a hard job and yes we have rules and regs also, but I think technology has greatly changed structural firefighting more than it has wildland. So I feel that with less technology and less change, maybe there is less to talk about. My thoughts. By the way I do both types of firefighting.

    Enjoy what you do, see you on the fireline.


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    ff emt-p bleve
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    Daniel Boone Firefighters association has submitted a resolution DBFA#99-1 to the Kentucky Firefighters Assocation at the 79th annual conference to establish minimum training requirements for volunteer and career sturcture firefighters in wildland supression.The state is 52 % forested and fire departments both career and volunteer are responding in all types of terrain and weather.The resolution which sailed by the KFA requests that the fire commission create a training category to document such training in the state training system and that the state fire rescue training branch will become the lead agency in wildland suppression training with financial support and cooperation from the the fire commission and the Kentucky Division of forestry.This resolution was submitted in the memory of Kentucky Wildland Line of Duty Deaths James shepard,William Brock,Kenneth McKnight(Harlan county)Delbert Maynard (Lawrence Co)Basil Vaughn ( Laurel Co.)John Adams and John Sprangler (Letcher County)Kenneth Nickell and Kevin Smith (Rowan County)
    AUGUST 10TH 1999

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