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    Question Weather Conditions

    The Division of Forestry has a web site available that shows moisture concentrations, wind speeds, and all of the weather information that a human could stand. Has anybody used this tool, and if so, what is the website name?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Captain Hickman
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    Not for sure if this is the one you have in mind. This one is from the Forest Service..Might check: http://www.fs.fed.us/land/wfas/map_list.htm

    and look at the link: Daily Observations
    there are also links to Maps & Map Archives, as well as, other links:
    Daily Observations, Fire Danger,Daily Forecast, Experimental Products Status and Updates NFDR Fuel Model Map.
    Hope it's the one you were thinking of...
    Have found the information useful at different times.

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    Here is some info from Victoria Australia for you www.nre.vic.gov.au/fires/updates/report/index.htm
    Keeps you upto date with any fire burning in our state ,not many on there at the moment as it is the middle of winter here

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    Or check this one out

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    Lately i've been cruising the noaa.gov website. Pretty much more info than one could shake a stick at. It ought to keep you busy.
    As for using it, our agency produces most of the weather info we need in-house. For predictions, we utilize the nws fire wx forecast. Works pretty well, unless you are trying to use predictions that go out past 72-96 hr.

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    K A
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    We've had over 10,000 dry lightining strikes in three days.

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