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    Post Information about wildland equipment and clothes.

    I'm brasilian firefighter and here we don't use specific gear for wildland combat, I need do a research about this, now we use the common gear for urban Firefighting, is hot and heavy. Thanks for your attention; I'm here for others ask about firefighting.

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    Ivan, The US Federal Gov't standard for wildland fire equipment includes: Sturdy work boots, minimum 8" high, 10" is better, (the soles MUST be stitched on...NOT glued)
    2) Nomex (a fire resistant material) Pants and Shirt. 3) A hard hat (Bullard makes a very nice version) 4)Goggles for eye protection 5) Leather Gloves 6) A Fire Shelter.
    Include a cotton undershirt (preferably long sleeved) and underwear, thick cotton socks, and a bandanna, and you pretty much have the minimum equipment.
    I have probably forgotten a few things, but I am sure our fellow firefighters will fill in the blanks. Be safe! Remember the 10 Fire Orders.

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    In Australia we use:
    Cotton treated Proban two peice uniforms Yellow is the colour that all the Rural based Fire Services use. with Fire rated reflective tape.
    Cotton Tshirt underneath the top.
    Boots are leather with about 8-10 lace holes and fire rated rubber soles
    Leather gloves
    Smokee gogles
    Wool socks
    A light weight pith(?) style helmet Like a construction helmet but has a rim all the way around.

    That and some common sense and away you go!


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    Ivan; I must agree with Bigegg, the most vital piece of equipment is the one located between your ears! Never overlook common sense as the #1 piece of safety equipment!
    Be Safe.

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