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    Talking Building a Brush Truck

    Our department recieved a 2 1/2 Ton Truck Today, It has NO Equipment on it so we will be building it from Scratch, Any Info on Tanks, Pumps,ect Its sole purpose will be Brush and WildLands Response Any and ALL ideas qwould be great,, I do want to add Bumper Mounted Nozzels so any info on that would be great.

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    For a tank, I'd have one that was lighweight. A good size tank would probably be 500-1000 depending on what else is going to be on the truck. Also check out [URL=http://www.nationalfirefighter.com][URL=http://www.elkhartbrass.com.]www.elkhartbrass.com[URL=http://www.nationalfirefighter.com]Elkhart brass makes some nice nozzles, front mount, and National Firefighter is only wildland firefighting supplies. Also, be sure to have foam on your truck.Malloryco supplies foam, tanks, and custom stuff

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    In our district, which is mostly grass and sagebrush we weld up the sides of the box on the truck and extend the top of the box about a foot. Doing this gives us about 1000-1100 gallons. Then we extend the bumper out 2-3 feet and mount the pump up front and build what we call a cowcatcher up front. We also build a 4 inch water manifold in front of the bumper with 2 1/2, 1 1/2, and 1 inch fire fitting outlets. this works really well for us using the trucks for water tenders and brush trucks. we currently have 4 of these trucks in service, and they will generally last up to 45 min on the fireline before running out of water. hope this helps.

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