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    Post Structural firefighters working with state and USF service wildland agency

    I looking for information on structural fire departments volunteer and career who work wildland /urban interface with state forestry and US Forest Service.Almost 85% of all wildland fire in kentucky all initally attack by structural departments.Do you train together,guidelines,ICS,PPE issues stuctural vs wildland and do the agencies help with training and ppe.The rural surplus program just goes so far.The western states have it together about east of the mississippi.

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    Well, I think I get the idea of what you are saying about structural ffs working in the W/UI. Yes. In most of the western states the structural and the wildland fire agencies tend to work together more frequently and more efficiently on wildland and W/UI fires than in the eastern U.S. This is due to several factors. The fire incidents are more frequent and usually larger in size. It is obviously essential that cooperative partnerships are formed to fight these fires. No one small group or agency can can effectively fight these kinds of fires alone. There are a number of difficult administartive and political hurdles that need to be overcome between the structural and the wildland fire worlds in many areas of the east before coehesiveness can be attained in the east. I think that this will occur sometime in the future. Probably after the fact of a severe and destructive fire siege.



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    In the area of west Michigan that I'm from, the Dept. of Natural Resources Field Office fire suppression units monitor our county fire frequency and respond automatically when mutual aid is requested by any department. We have infrequent training sessions with the DNR and USFS fire supression people in this area. The DNR also supplies surplus equipment and vehicles to fire departments. This surplus mateial is free of charge, but must be maintained and accounted for. I hope this is the kind of info you were seeking.
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