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    Post Loss of another Firefighter

    --USFS Fire News--
    SEPTEMBER 30 -- BIG SUR, CA: Early Tuesday on the Big Bar Complex, a 42-year-old Hoopa Tribal member died of an apparent heart attack. The man was assigned to the Box Camp crew, who were sleeping about midnight Monday when word was received that the Megram Fire had jumped the line and that Box Camp and Grizzly Camp should be evacuated. The man woke up, got out of bed, and collapsed. The Box Camp medical unit and the Hoopa Ambulance Company were on the scene but were unable to revive him. An investigation team arrived on the scene Tuesday. Tribal tradition forbids the release of the man's name until burial and mourning are completed. The fire community extends its condolences to the family and the tribe.

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    Thanks Captain Hickman, for the LODD report on the Native American Wildland Firefighter. I, as all firefighters, are emotionally affected by any LODD of a brother or sister firefighter. I was particularly moved upon reading of this LODD because I had spent some time among some Native American Firefighters in New Mexico and Arizona this past June. A two to three part series focusing on these unique and courageous firefighters will begin in the October issue of FIREHOUSE Magazine.
    Our deepest condolences go out to the family, friends and firefighter colleagues on the loss of this firefighter.

    This year, to date, there have been six (6) LODDs of STRUCTURAL firefighters while operating at WILDLAND fires. Four were volunteer firefighters and two were career firefighters.

    Robert M. Winston


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