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    Post power lines down on grass / brush fires.

    ON OCTOBER 1 Three Missouri firefighters electrocuted on grass fire.One killed second critical.April 23 Lakeport firefighters dead
    after stepping on downed power at a grass fire scene.
    I myself have rolled in on other fire companies
    taking action on grass fires, who did not seem to think about the power line as a cause
    or a safety factor.After a quick look about we found where the line shorted down the pole
    and caused the fire during high winds.Lucky for us the line was not down.Any other close calls out there during wildland /urbran interface operations due to downed lines.
    Heads up on those little grass fires along the roadways.My throughts are with the families and firefighters in west plains and lakeport.

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    Had a wildland fire a couple of years back that started in a pasture when the cattle "rubbed" a rotten power pole over. It was at night and you could not see the power line that was about 6 feet off the ground. Almost drove the fire truck right into the line! I saw it at the last possible moment and just managed to stop in time. That fire burned 50 acres and electrocuted 8 head of cattle. The power company paid the landowner for the cattle and lost pasture, but refused to compensate the Fire Department for their response (the power company pays nothing for protection). Go figure!

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    Captain Hickman
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    According to reports in Missouri. Firefighters were found on the ground at time of other arriving units. Female firefighter, which is still in hospital at this time and still in critical condition, was the first to come into contact with an energized fence. Fence had became energized by a fallen powerline, which started the fire they were responding to. The firefighter killed attemped to remove her, when he fell victim to the electricity. The third firefighter, which has since been released from the hospital, was reported to have thrown himself at the other two members knocking them away from the fence.

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    Glen Chapman
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    This Missouri incident really opened alot of peoples eyes to the "other" dangers of fighting a grass fire.This happened a short distance away from our area,across the state line.We are all trained to look for power lines when we roll on a structure fire,but seldom on a brush fire.Some people (and I have seen this)think just because your in someone's yard that there are no dangers.
    This proves otherwise.I sure am going to keep on our guys to keep a close eye out even on a grass fire.After all there are more dangers than not having a place to run if something goes wrong.Be safe ya'll and my condolences to the families and to the West Plains VFD.
    Lt. Glen Chapman
    Fire Marshall Flippin,AR FD

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    Captain Hickman
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    Up Date:

    Latest information I have about the Missouri Fire Fighter, is that Ella (first to come into contact with fence) is still in serious condition but does talk to her family at times. She had surgery to remove left hand
    and is now going through skin graphing. She had burns over about 40% of her body.
    Her heart is strong and she has a strong will to live and is improving everyday.

    Mark Doss (fire fighter which knocked others away from fence) is now home and recovering there. He doesn't even remember going
    to the station on the day of the incident.

    And our fallen comrade, Jeff Thompson (fire fighter who attemped to remove Ella from fence), was only twenty years of age by two days, been on the department five months, married for three months, one son of fifteen months, and his wife had went back to high school and is a
    senior at West Plains High School. He was an "All American Boy" and our Hero!

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    ff emt-p bleve
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    18 Y/O firefighter came in contact with a 7,200 volt electrical line in high brush november 3rd at the scene of a grass fire.Jerry Ramey was a firefighter with the West Fork ,Arkansas Volunteer Fire Department.My thoughts and Prayers are with his fellow firefighters and family.

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