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    Last week there were two (2) LODDs and many injuries involving both structural and wildland firefighters that were operating at wildland fires. And A fire captain from Texas City, Texas was another LODD while responding to an EMS call. There were some postings in the WILDLAND FORUM relative to the wildland incidents.

    We all express our sincerest condolences to the families, friends and colleagues of the brothers and sister firefighters who made the "Supreme Sacrifice."

    This year, to date, I have counted the LODDs of 8 structural firefighters who were operating at wildland or W/UI fires. This is unacceptable and should raise red flag warnings to all of the fires services and fire service related organizations, i.e., IAFC, IAFF, NVFC and the NFPA, etc. There should be some kind of deep concern and even outrage about these LODDs. From these LODDS there should be, there must be, a loud call for training programs and a heightening of awareness levels related to operations in wildland and wildland/urban interface fire incidents for the STRUCTURAL Firefighters.
    Firefighters must change the thinking process and not treat wildland fires casually. Injury and/or death can occur at both small and large grass, brush and woods fires. The proper PPE and tools designed for wildland fire suppression need to be purchased and used were appropriate. Physical fitness, training and SAFETY must be priorites at all levels of the fire services.

    Please be very careful out there. It can get very dangerous very quickly.

    Robert M. Winston
    Wildland Forum Moderator


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    Captain Hickman
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    Well put Chief

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    AMEN brother. Condolences to families and friends of those lost, and speedy recovery to those injured.

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    ff emt-p bleve
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    Thumbs up

    Kentucky has real concerns and we're trying mandate some training for firefighters statewide.We mandate every thing else such as haz. mat. / aircraft/ structural /but put very little effort into wildland /ground fires in this state.This year two deaths April 6th in Eastern Kentucky, three injured in central ky ,one with burns,two engine damaged
    300 foot of 1 1/2 hose loss to a career department on two seperate fires.We have lost almost as many structural firefighters in this state to wildland blazes as any other cause.2 in 1991 ,1 in 1988,1 in 1985,3 in 1965 .They were wildland firefighters working with
    the Kentucky Divison of forestry Fairveiw hollow, Harlan County.We have not seemed to change a whole lot since that time.(ITS JUST A BRUSH FIRE!!!
    We need to wakeup and provide the training and equipment.There appears to be a major problem east of the Mississippi.Indiana is having the same problems from what I have read following the death in Jeffersonville of a firefighter during a attempt to exit a grass fire due to thick smoke.

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    It's not just east of the Mississippi. During the '98 fire season, I was on a fire in Oregon with firefighters who were literally barefoot and not wearing anything resembling PPE. Just recently, I actually heard the comment "Anybody can squirt water on the grass. It doesn't take much."

    What do we do about it? I don't know. Unfortunately, this, like a lot of other things, comes down to money. The training isn't free and if it is, there isn't enough of it to go around. PPE isn't free and most of the time when I've joined a new department, I've felt lucky just to get gear that fits. I think a good, and most of the time, free place to start is physical training. I get sick seeing the number of firefighters dying from heart attacks. I know physical training can't stop all of those but I think it's a good start.

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