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    Post Where was this year's fire season?

    We're going to cut it off. I have to admit that this was interesting. I have enjoyed watching the different parts of the US, Canada, and even Australia put into this.
    With Australia just starting their fire season, we may want to watch and see how they do. But, for us in the USA, the largest part of this years season is over. There are some of us which are just now starting into our second season of fires, but I don't think it will last long. Here in Missouri, we are putting on Burning Bans like they are going out of style. But as far as having the big fires, I don't think it will happen in Missouri.
    If you all will give me a little time to research, study, and do some investigation into the facts and figures, I'll have a winner or two picked by the end of the month.
    Maybe we can do it again next year and maybe we can come up with some interesting prizes. I know how fire fighters just love "Give Aways".
    Where ever you maybe...Fire Fighting SAFETY is something we all need to remember and practice. Like they say in Wildland Firefighter Magazine, "Wildland firefighting is more than a job, it's an Attitude." And, SAFETY should be a large part of that ATTITUDE.
    It's been Fun..

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    Thank you Captain Hickman, a/k/a Hilbillie.
    Enjoyed your contest. See you next year. As the moderator of the Wildland Fire Forum I wish to thank everyone who have submitted comments during this year's wildland fire season.

    Some areas of the country are still in their wildfire season. This forum remains open until the start of Wildland Fire Season 2000.
    This forum may never actually close.

    I recently returned from the Capital Area Regional Wildfire Academy and W/UI Conference
    in Bastrop, Texas which is not far from Austin. This was an excellent Academy and a great time was had by all 300 plus structural and wildland firefighters. I'll be writing up a story about this Academy and it will appear in FIREHOUSE and WILDLAND FIREFIGTER Magazines in the near future. Next year's Academy is scheduled for the last two weeks in October. It would be worth the effort to attend in 2000. See you there!


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