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    Post Cheatgrass changes the way Nevada wildfires burn...

    I found an interesting article on the Off-Site News. Seems an imported type of grass, Cheatgrass, grows and burns differently than the native American grass types. Read about it at http://washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/WPl...11599-idx.html .

    Read it soon; no telling how long the link will remain active.

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    As a firefighter in Nevada, I have first hand experience with cheatgrass fires. These fires are very fast and hot, and if you have any kind of wind behind it, start looking for the nearest safe zone, because you aren't going to catch it. Of the fires in my state this year, most had some cheat grass involvement. Hopefully when the BLM reseeds these areas, they can reduce the cheatgrass.


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    Yeap.... we got thousands of acres of it here in Wyoming. Makes for hot fast moving fires especially when you add a little wind into the picture.

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