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    Question Do you use Deere's "Gator" to Fight Brush Fires?

    Has anyone used a John Deere "Gator" utility vehicle, or other similar vehicles, for transporting Firefighters and/or actually fighting brush or forest fires? Are they safe to ride in the woods; and are they nimble enough to maneuver over and around trees and other obstacles?

    What equipment (water, pump, tools) do you carry and how does the system work for you? Would you buy the same thing again, or go bigger or smaller the next time?

    FD is thinking about putting two on a trailer to send into the woods when a pickup sized vehicle won't fit or the ground is too soft. If you can suggest a better vehicle platform, we'd like to hear your ideas.

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    If nobody has tried a "Gator", what have you tried? ATV such as a 3 or 4-wheeler, or any other make of utility vehicle? Would like to hear both good and bad ideas you have tried.

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    I remember when I was a kid my dad had a 6 wheel ATV that was amphebious. I think they are still available but I don't know where or what the specs are on them. I have always wondered how they would do on the type fires you are talking about.

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    Pfred, the Helena, MT FirDept was playing around with a four wheeler with a small tank/sprayer on the back for use in the parks in Helena. The parks have some small mountains in them so it was a great asset to them. They had converted an old mini-pemper over to transport to ATV to the scene. The only problem they saw was getting on too steep of an incline and maybe rolling it. The company I had worked for used a Gator as an EMS vehicle at our state fair in Great Falls, MT when I was stationed there. It worked out great I thought with mobility and being able to carry a little weight if we needed it.

    Be Safe!

    Dennis Kuritz
    North Star VFD

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    In our department we do not have any other brush units besides our Dodge P/U. I have been on other calls mutal aid where the host dept. has had both. The thing I seen with the gator is that they are to big to go through the woods in NY. But I have also seen the Gators used as "AMBULANCES" at large events (ie. State Fair, County Fairs, Concerts) for that purpose they are great.

    Frank Allen
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    Few months ago, when the fire season was in full bloom in Missouri, with extensive mutual aid for a department in a joining county, a task force from St. Louis Co. was summoned and I believe Washington, Mo Fire District arrived with a "Mule" built by Kazasaki. It saved the day (I mean night-1130pm)for some. Due being a remote location. 2 miles to the nearest cut road or was that a deer path.

    As we say in Missouri--Show Me.

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