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    Why is it that federal agencies such USFS,BLM,State forestry agencies can buy a fire shelter for 44.00 dollars and fire departments have to pay double for that same shelter.Can fire departments career or volunteer buy at GSA PRICES if so how do they get approved.Rural fire departments make 80 % of all initial attacks on brush and grass fires. We our judged by federal guidelines when things go bad.Why not let departments buy a federal price rates.Maybe some states have agreement in place to allow fire departments to buy a GSA prices through
    state forestry agenices if so i would like to know how to approve fire departments.
    I would think maybe some kind of formal agreement between state and the USDA would allow this.

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    GSA purchasing is usually handled thru the State Forestry agencies. Contact them and the should be able to help you get in the system.

    Division of Forestry
    627 Comanche Trail
    Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
    Phone: (502)564-4496
    Fax: (502)564-6553

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