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    James Hind
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    Question after the fire season

    I'am looking to find out what you guy/gals do in the off season, are there full time jobs in this feild? I'am looking to become a forest fire fighter and just wondering about what you people do after the fire season

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    What I do in off season.... make up time with family. But if you are in position to bounce around, I know of folks who work the West in the summer, get a short break, then head to the Southeast (Florida is a big location).
    For jobs, if you aren't already familiar with it, try USAJOBS. If you act quickly, there are still some seasonal positions being advertised for the upcoming fire season. You will need to look at the 0462 series (Forestry Aide/Tech)as this is where 90% of the seasonal jobs are listed, and the 0455 series (Range Aide/Tech).

    Good Luck

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