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    Post Brush/Forestry Tools

    What is everyone using as their hand tools?

    We will be purchasing some Brush/Forestry tools in the near future (shovels, rakes, etc.)

    I am looking for names of vendors who sell these tools, in particular ones that have fiberglass handles. I will probably pick up the shovels at our local Sears (they're having a sale this weekend), but I need to know of anyone that offers brush rakes and other hand tools, not lawn rakes. I need to know ones that offer fiberglass handles too.

    Also, Can anyone relate their experiences with Fiberglass handled Pulaski's and McCleod hand tools. We generally just use shovels and rakes, but I was wondering if any other tools are worth spending money on. We don't really run into big forest fires in Southwestern PA. Generally small brush fires in Spring and Fall with dead leaves being the fuel load.

    Eric W. Schmitt
    Assistant Chief
    Harrison Hills VFC #4
    Natrona Heights, PA


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    I don't know if anyone manufactures tools with fiberglass handles, all the crews I know of put them on after the fact... We use Nupula(or something that sounds like that) brand handles. Can you order tools thru GSA like the feds? I wouldn't put a fiberglass handle on a McLeod, it would be heavier, and not necessary, as the tool isn't used in manner that stresses the handle like pulaski's (of course, this is a Western wildland viewpoint, I suppose you would be the best judge of that for your area & tactics).
    I guess in general, it doesn't sound like you need the fiberglass handle. Yes, they do make the tools slightly (and somewhat noticably) heavier, but the offset could be the optional longer handled pulaski's, giving you a longer reach without having to bend over as far, and more momentum for chopping.
    I hope I am making sense here, it's been a long week of fire behavior calculations. Any ?'s feel free to email or post.


    Be Safe and Remember LCES, the 10 Standard FIRE ORDERS & 18 Watchouts.

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    Hand tools can be found in several places, don't overlook places like forestry supply and the like.
    I don't know what your money situation is like, but you might consider a backpack leaf blower. I know it sounds strange, but under the right conditions, especially in the fuels you deal with in Pa., they can be highly effective, replacing 3-5 rakes. The drier it is, the better they work!

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