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    Post Fire Weather

    It's beginning to look like we are having unusual weather patterns setting up again for the seventh year in a row. Traditionally, here in NJ we experience the majority of our severe fire danger during the spring, with a period of high danger in the fall.
    However, for the seventh year, it seems to start raining in early Mar. more or less non-stop through mid-May, then the rainfall shuts off until late Aug. or early Sept. This has led to hellacious fire seasons during the summer, the worst time to fight fire here. It's toughest on the firefighter and the forest. Lately we've had to deal with large areas of (Atlantic White) cedar swamps regularly burning which, if you haven't tried it, is truly an experience not worth having!
    Anyone out there notice something similar happening in your areas?


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    Red face

    Yes, Burt, we are experiencing the same weather pattens here in Massachusetts. We have had just one extremely busy class 5 day that led to 17 major incidents and numerous other smaller ones. The weather this week is predicted to be cool and damp. Possibly a warm up later towards the weekend? We have had lots of wind and the winter cured veg dries out quickly. We can already see the green up starting and this will probably transition into a dry hot summer with KBDI in the 600-700 range like last summer.


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    Here in northeast Texas we are getting alot of rain which is like we used to get years ago ( been very dry the last 3 years) but the different is we are getting higher then normal winds so things are drying out in a hurry.

    Good Luck And Be Safe
    Craig Lambert
    Harmony Consolidated
    Volunteer Fire Department

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