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    Thumbs down From the fire lines

    With the season going in the western USA and the numbers of fires and fire fighters increasing, another need for fire fighters to be careful.
    Burgdorf Junction Fire - Payette National Forest, 27 miles north of McCall
    3,285 acres
    Estimated Containment 7/30
    54% Contained at present

    One firefighter was seriously injured yesterday when a burned tree (snag) fell and struck him.

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    JULY 26 -- BOISE, ID: Crews involved in air support of firefighting activity are reaching maximum flight and duty limitations on a daily basis. Fire aviation resources have been committed to fires since May, and cumulative effects of fatigue have officials concerned. To ensure the safety of crews involved with prolonged and intense fire-related air operations, Phase 2 Interim Duty Limitations are in effect for all fixed-wing crews beginning today.

    "The Phase 2 Interim Duty Limitations can be viewed as a preemptive strike against fatigue-related errors," said Tony Kern, National Aviation Safety and Training Manager for the USDA Forest Service. "This underscores our commitment to safety as a core value. Even in the middle of one of the busiest fire seasons in years, we need to keep our focus."

    Currently, the Phase 2 limitations apply only to fixed-wing crews working for or contracted to the Department of Interior or Forest Service.

    More details on the current wildland fire situation are available on pages of the National Interagency Fire Center and the Geographic Area Coordination Centers.

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    Got your Red Card, if so, PACK YOUR BAGS...

    JULY 27 -- BOISE, ID: The National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) announced the move to Preparedness Level V (the highest preparedness level) effective 9:00 a.m. MDT today. This change indicates that most available civilian wildland firefighting resources are fully committed to ongoing fires.

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