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    Post wildlandfirefighting

    can anybody tell me how to join a forestry servie fire team i have been interrested for many years in joining a team and have not been able to find any contacts or help in joining one thanks

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    In our area, the first thing you would do is contact the County Sheriff's Dept. They are responsible for all emergencies in the county. They would then tell you when their next Wild Land Red Card Class is. Take the class, get red carded. Have them put you on their call list for wild land fires, get experience, and then you'll have plenty of contacts. Also look up the fed web site. I believe its www.fs.fed.gov

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    Go to any U.S. Forest Service, National Park, or your state forestry agency several months prior to the beginning of the fire season. They will have all of the information and physical requirements available for you'
    Good luck in your career choice.

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