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    Angry Promotions based on what?

    It sure seems that Departments around the Country..especially Big Ones are moving away from giving Great Value to a promotional Candidates (Experience)on the Fire Ground. They are giving the Guys with the Most Schooling, Head Knowledge and Office experience. Dont get me wrong I think educating ourseleves is a must in the Fire Service..and going to training seminars and taking classes on Fire Related Stuff is Great..but nothing can take the place of just plain old EXPERIENCE!! I think both are essential, but if i had to choose between working for a Chief/Capt with A degree, lots of book smarts but little experience in the field and a guy who has been in the field most of his career but little book smarts or no degree...You guessed it ill take the EXPERIENCE WITH lITTLE BOOK SMARTS AND NO DEGREE ANY DAY!! Can you have Both Experience and Book Smarts sure...but they are hard to find ..it seems that most of these kind of book smart guys spend most of their time in OUT of the Field Positions and work in one of the many different office jobs available to them.....getting their Fruit In the Basket so to speak!! I think this change in promotional values is making all of our Jobs Less safe..Lets get back to the BASICS...EXPERIENCE First..what do you think? Seen this on Your Department?

    Tim..The FireGuy!! LA CITY FIRE DEPT.

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    Lafd4me, I'm with on this one you this is what i say before every drill we have. especially in this line work, you can never have to much of hands on experience is what I say. I had one guy tell me that he went to school for 6 years and that he knows every thing there is to know about fires and how to run a good fire ground needless to say I never showed up on any of his scenes. he no longer works in the county any more think god.


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