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    Question Experience on the fireline

    Well I am red carded and have paid for half of my AA fire science degree out of my own pocket. My question for you all is, I put in about 200 hours hunting down application packets from over 30 national parks, state, ect. I filled them all out, I emailed, faxed, first class, and overnighted them. I included resumes and everything and anything, I went to offices in person, I called several different people... I happen to be in great shape. I may lack experience, but so do a few australians I've talked to who are on the firelines, but perhaps its wrong that they are there and I am not?

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    Red carded for what? Being red carded for a FFI does not really help. They needs are for crews and critical overhead positions. You need to work you way on to a crew somehow, alot of kids are getting ready to go back to school and start from there.

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    A couple of things.....when did you start looking, and what is on your red card? Red cards let you do a lot, or nothing in the wildland setting, depending on what is on them. Those Aussie firefighters face more fire each year than most of us will see in a career, so don't use them as an example. Work your way up.

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