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    Question Is there a map posted showing fires?

    I have a Elk hunt booked in November and I am looking for A map showing the outline of the fire areas. The area I have in question is around Alder.. "Gravelly Range" in the SW area. Anybody have any input??
    Would like to also commend the people that are fighting these fires..I can not even imagine what they go through!

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    National Interagency Fire Center from Boise, Id. has a page located at http://www.nifc.gov/information.html
    from there you can check regions. Then there are also links, if you dig deep enough, that you might be able to find a local ranger or office which you my contact for more information. Good luck on your hunt


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    Map of YS Major Fires Currently http://www.nifc.gov/fireinfo/firemap.html
    Info For Hunters http://www.nifc.gov/fireinfo/road.html
    Map of current Fires in Southern US http://www.r8web.com/sacc/map.htm
    Drought Index http://www.fs.fed.us/land/wfas/kbdi.gif
    You can also get the fire forecast at http://www.boi.noaa.gov/firewx.htm

    These are just a few suggestions, there are many sites.

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