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    Post i want to fight the big one!

    if this is the worst fire season in 50 years, and were calling in foreign troops to help us, where can a fire explorer like me volunteer to go out and help on one of trhese campaign wildland fires? if my dept dosent go, can i vollunter to someone to help out? ill do anything from cook to cut line, i just want to help

    any info would be GREATLY appreciated


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    Sorry, son. Guess that you'll need to wait a few more years before you can work at a fire camp or on the fire lines. There is no such thing as volley work at a federal fire. You've got good enthusiasm and interest. Don't lose that. There will be more hot fire years ahead. Count on that. Just get prepared for it by attending training courses and getting that all important Red Card.

    Best of luck to you!


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    frustrating, but i guess i dont have a choice. any info on how to get a red card? where do i apply?


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    Its not a matter of applying...

    It is a matter of taking the required courses

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    Minimum age is 18 to work on the fireline or in camp on any of the identified ICS positions. The red card is just a means of showing documented proof that you have met the minimum requirements, and it lists your qualified positions and training needs. This year of course conventional protocols went out the window to some extent, volunteers were helping in a number of capacities: red cross, community efforts to help displaced residents, displaced pets, injured pets and stock, distribution of donations (food and clothing, etc. The federal agencys do have a volunteer program, but their participation was pretty limited. The 18 years old is strictly tied to liability and not a person's aptitude or capabilities.

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    ocfireexp, learn all you can, train, watch, read, listen, and when you turn 18 you will have some of the tools to be a good firefighter. Only then can you begin the process to become a wildland firefighter. Give yourself time, it will be here before you know it!

    Be safe. The dragon lurks!!!!

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    sweet! i just turned 18 a few days ago. where do i sign guys?

    my pulaski is sharp and ready- just give me something to swing it at!


    Joe Nassetta

    -"I run through the gates of hell so you don't have to."

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