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    Post Most memorable Fire

    I just wanted to hear about your most memorable fire.Here's mine, we had a fire on Peavine mtn. outside of Reno,Nv. It was a lightning fire and there was still bolts dancing around us which was pretty neat. We got there on the 1st alarm I.A.ing all the way, there were 50ft. fire whirls swirling around us and airtankers dropping close by and for awhile it got hectic.I was scared at first like with all fires but the fear got put on the back burner as we had work to do.When all was said and done 50acres were burned, with the pandimonium on the radio and all I'll always remember this day.

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    Jan 1968 12:30 AM. We had an early freeze that year in Oct. rare in Flordia it killed all low ground fuel and the area was dry as popcorn ( very low fuel moisture). I Arrived on scene with a D-4 Cat and fire plow, The fire was about 50 acres the local FD was on scene they advised they would back me up if I could cut lines around the head fire, I started plowing about 100 yards out the wind picked up to about 20 MPH it was also 28 degrees. I looked around No FD They had to turn back. Smoke and sparks blowing by me I couldn't see the head fire. I picked up the plow put the Cat in 5th gear and headed away from the fire and ran into a dry gully; I walked the tractor down until I hit water it got deeper until I could go no further. The next tractor 30 minutes away got to me and hooked a chain to pull me out the bank gave way and the CAT turned over. Thank heavens for the brush cage but I was soaked. I fought fire the rest of the nite on a brush pumper. The fire ended up 1500 acres 4 more tractor plow units were brought in and 20 FD vehicles we had it under controll at 9 AM the next morning. IT took the 4 other tractors and winch with a snatch block to get my Cat out the next day. The fire burned around 5 mobile home parks and no homes were lost. I have been on many more fires, woods and structure but I never forgot that one. JHA

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    I have got three. All for different reasons.

    1. Type 1 fuels, continuous, fast moving, direct attack with 1 1/2" attack line, wind changed direction and burned my partner and myself over while dressed in full structural turnouts. Happened about 1984. Learned most valuable lesson of all. Never do it again!!!

    2. January about 1987?? Called to natural cover fire type 1 fuels. Found running fire about 1/2 acre of fire running across a foot of snow in 10 Degree winter conditions. Used water to put it out from 1 1/2" structure attack line. Most Strange!! This is not suppose to happen!

    3. Career Fire event. This year in June, "24 Command" fire in WA state. I was officer on initial attack engine to the MVA auto wreck which started the the next 4 days of events. Again I have learned and now move forward a bit.



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