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    Red face FIRE ACT BILL

    According to the most recent news out of Washington, D.C., and our Fire Service leaders, the FIRE ACT BILL has once again been given a real "hosing down" by our law makers. The latest version of this extremely important bill would "give" the Fire Services a sum of $400 million eeked out over many years. The original version started out at $5 billion and then was reduced to $3.1 billion.

    We have to be wondering at what point will the dollar figure reductions finally satisfy these law makers. These very same legislators have been on the news for most of the summer months telling their constituants, and the firefighters, how upset they were because of the record breaking wildfire season, loss of structures, loss of life, loss to the environment and the high cost of fire suppression to fight these fires. The legislators are doing what they do best. That is known as, "double speak."

    In the light of what has occurred this fire season, and is still occurring as of 9/24, it is an unconscionable action by our legislators to offer the Fire Services A $400 million FIRE ACT BILL. I hope that our Fire Service leaders will vigorously protest this action and that they will not hungrily grab this bone that the law makers are callously throwing out to us. The Firefighters, et al, deserve better. Much better!


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    SRVFD2 Guest


    Have you personally contacted your congressman?? I have - and I know he's doing all he can - if everyone on this forum would do the same, we could get something done!!

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