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    I'm a freshmen at Michigan Technological University, studying Electrical Engineering. I am on the volunteer structural department at home, and have been for 3 years. I am just wondering about possibly going out West for a summer or two while I am in college to do firefighting. I don't know anyting about the requirements, etc. etc. Is this something that would be practical to do or not? I don't think I want to do wildland firefighting as a career, but ya never know I guess :-) I'd like to experience it though. I've been on several smaller wildland fiers at home and really liked working them. How can I go about doing this?



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    Andy -

    If you want to work out west next summer, the best way to get picked up to to go to USAJOBS - Series and where it asks for the series #, use 0462 for one search, and 0455 for another. These are Forestry Tech and Range Tech, respectively, which are the actual job titles for Wildland fire.

    As far as the application process, you no longer need to fill out the famed SF-171 Standard form for Federal Employment (which is nothing compared to finacial aid forms ) as a regular resume will work now. If you need more info, you can probably get an in-person answer there at your school, but info can also be found at OPM General Info.

    I know here in AZ, some of the forests have already started to advertise for summer hire positions, as our season starts usually early April. But the link above lets you pick anywhere in the nation.

    Good Luck
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