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    Cool A new song about fire???

    Wonder if there will be a new county song about fire or firefighter?

    OCTOBER 21 -- COLLINSVILLE, OK: Garth Brooks has several new fans in Oklahoma. And he's pretty much a superhero in the eyes of Kevin and Jodi Cooper after evacuating their two sons from the path of a grass fire southeast of Collinsville on Thursday. The Tulsa World reported that the two boys were home alone on fall break from school Thursday when Garth Brooks and another man began beating on the door of their wood-frame house. "I opened the door and the guy said, 'There's a fire. You've got to get out,' so I went out," said 10-year-old Randall. "The guy who turned out to be Garth was back behind him. I was yelling back at the house, 'Ryan, there's a fire!'"

    Ryan, 14, was taking a shower and didn't hear his brother's calls, but he did hear Brooks, who has relatives in the area. "He was yelling, 'Ryan, Ryan!' I was like, 'Who are you,' and he said, 'Get in the truck.'" Brooks drove Ryan through dense smoke to a neighbor's truck, where he joined his brother.

    Firefighters with the Limestone Fire Protection District arrived in time to save the Coopers' house. The Oklahoma Division of Forestry reported that the Limestone Fire was caused by a vehicle accident; one structure was lost and 65 others were threatened. The Southern Area Coordination Center reports the fire this morning at 98 percent containment.

    "The fire came in like a bullet," said Randall. "The flames were taller than the house. You couldn't see anything because the smoke was so thick." The boys didn't recognize Brooks, but a neighbor told them later who their rescuer was. Karen Shumate said Brooks drove her and her three small children, including an 8-day-old baby, to safety in his pickup. She later told the boys, "You just got saved by Garth Brooks."

    The story's online from the Tulsa World, and more information is available from the Southern Area Coordination Center.

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks!! That story was a real day brightener!

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    i guess garth is serious when he sings about life being no fun if youre Standing Outside The Fire!!!

    Joe Nassetta

    -"I run through the gates of hell so you don't have to."

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