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    Question When was your last Brushfire

    When was the last time your city had a Brushfire, Out here in Monrovia it was the 70's, We have dodged bullets ever year, We had one in the neighboring town of Arcadia that was two close for comfort, But we do an excellent job at Fire Prevention, Making sure onwers are in compliance with the Brush Clearnce Requirments.

    Tim Macias
    Engine 101

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    Our last wildland fire was today. The page came in at 11:35 am. It started as a growned hay pile and because of a 45 mph wind from the west quickly became a grass fire. We got snow the night before and earlier in the day so the fire did not grow as fast as it would have in the summer. The temp. was 30 deg F. We lost about 50 ton of hay and about 10 acres of pasture. We buried the hay pile or we would still be there tomorrow.

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    It sound's as if you are from a city with little interface issue's. We have several call's though-out the year that are small, because of the area or placement with in our town. There is alway's one or two fires a year that send chilles down my spin when they are dispatched. We are surrounded by thick vegatation on all side's of town and have subdivisions that is in the pineywoods that are in town. Most big metro's have been lazy about the urban interface issue's and have been complacent with the same though, "Hey we haven't had a brush fire since when?", and it has proven very costly for them as they sprall-out to rural area's. Face it poeple are moving out of town to rural area's and our government's are following them for their tax dollar's by annex. the rural areas.

    Just a quick story and I will stop preaching. A large metro not to far from me lost a 300,000 dollar pumper, because they didn't have brush fires and had no equiptment to fight them with. This truck was lost in 10 acre fire. Never ask when was the last one, just hope you are not on "CNN" when your next one happen's.


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